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Dental Implant Restorations

Avalon Dental Clinic takes care of its patients in the best manner possible. If you are suffering from missing teeth and dental implants are recommended, Drs. Benny Calise, Benjamin Aaron and Ryan Fait will recommend a high-quality dentist to perform the implant surgery but provide you with the finishing touches and the implant restoration.

Dr. Calise has been providing high-quality dental care for more than 45 years in Avalon, Calif. He has been treating patients with implants for years. With this experience, he has learned how to restore your implants so you have a perfect set of teeth. Because every patient is an individual, he doesn’t use a cookie-cutter treatment plan. The doctors sit with you to evaluate your teeth and mouth to determine what you will need. Then, you will get the professional restorations you need.

Because we want to prevent tooth decay and tooth loss as much as possible, we do what is necessary to keep your mouth healthy. However, often infection in the gums will cause teeth to loosen and fall out. They need to be replaced with dental implants quickly to avoid problems with your jaw. The three doctors are able to assist you with this corrective action.

An implant is an artificial tooth that is placed inside your mouth where the tooth is missing, but you will need to visit a specialist for this procedure. After you have your implant, Dr. Calise will place a crown over an implant to give the artificial tooth stability and an aesthetic look. An experienced dentist like those at Avalon Dental Clinic who have extensive knowledge and experience with implant restorations dental implants should be allowed to perform the procedure.

At Avalon Dental Clinic, we strive to give you the best dental care possible, so you have no complaints. When we see you, we will evaluate your oral health and create the best restoration available for you. Once completed, no one will know you have any artificial teeth because they look exactly like the natural ones. Here are a few areas where dental implants restorations will help you:

  • Your smile will start to look great.
  • You’ll feel confident and motivated.
  • Your self-esteem will rise.
  • Your face will not have the “melted” or “sunken” look because the implants are in place.
  • You will be able to enjoy your favorite foods.

Give us a call at 310-510-0322, so we can help you with your oral health issues.

With Dr. Calise’s 45+ years of experience, you can trust him and his two associates to help you with your problems – no matter how bad they may be.

Visit our office in Avalon, Calif., for artificial implant restorations or crowns or permanent dentures that don’t slip off and look natural. Our objective is to make our patients as happy and satisfied as we can. Book an appointment with us today by calling at 310-510-0322.

Always know that Drs. Calise, Aaron and Fait are here to help you. Whatever your dental needs are, we will get you on the road to optimal health today!