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Emergency Dentistry

We all know accidents can happen. But knowing what to do when they occur—that is another matter. For dental emergencies, it is important to visit Dr. Calise in Avalon, CA as soon as possible. It could be the difference between losing and saving a tooth. We reserve slots in our schedule for just these occasions. If you suffer from a dental emergency do not hesitate to contact us at 310-510-0322 immediately.

What is Considered a Dental Emergency?

A dental emergency is a general term for significant problems involving your teeth, related tissues, and supporting structures. Any time you experience pain, it should send up a red flag. Your teeth and mouth are not supposed to hurt. If they do, something has gone wrong and pain could be a sign of a dental emergency. Granted, not all dental emergencies will cause pain, and pain in the mouth does not always indicate an emergency. But better to be safe when it comes to emergency dental care. The most common dental emergencies include:

  • Cracked or chipped tooth
  • Partially dislodged tooth
  • Knocked out tooth
  • Severe oral pain (not from trauma)
  • Lost crown or filling
  • Lip or gum injuries
  • Severe mouth burn from hot foods or beverages
  • Excessive bleeding in the mouth

Still not sure if you suffer from a dental emergency? If you answer yes to any one of the following questions, you should contact our Avalon Dental Clinic:

  1. Were you hit in the face or mouth?
  2. Are you bleeding excessively from the mouth?
  3. Do you have bulges on your gums or any other signs of swelling?
  4. Do your teeth feel loose or shifted out of place?
  5. Has part of a tooth or a restoration chipped, broken off, or fallen out?
  6. Are you experiencing extreme sensitivity or oral pain?

What Happens if I Can’t Get to the Dentist?

The first thing you should do following a dental emergency is getting in touch with Dr. Calise. He can walk you through any precautions you should take until you can make it into the office. Below are also a few general guidelines you can follow.

If You Damage the Soft Tissue

When you injure your lips or gums, rinse with a saline solution to clean the wound. Then do what you can to stop the bleeding and minimize swelling. You can use clean gauze or a tea bag as a compress.

If You Knock a Tooth Loose

Do not pull the tooth free. Instead, leave it in the socket, as any attached nerves and tissue could ultimately save the tooth. Gently reposition it in the socket and bite down to keep it in place. You will want to get to the dentist as soon as possible to save your tooth.

If you Lose a Crown or Filling

If possible, collect your restoration, clean it, and replace it with temporary dental cement if you can. Denture cream or even toothpaste will work as a substitute until you can get to the dentist. Do NOT use any type or super glue or craft glue. If you cannot find the restoration and the tooth starts to become painful, use sugar-free gum to cover the cavity.

Don’t Wait! Call Avalon Dental Clinic Today

We want to get you in our office and out of pain as quickly as possible. Do not hesitate to call our emergency dentist in Avalon, CA, at 310-510-0322.