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Insurance and Finance

Because we care about your oral health and know that some dental procedures are expensive, we are doing our part in cutting the costs of dental care. Dr. Benny Calise and his two associations are trying to help you achieve your dental goals.

Insurance Plans

Avalon Dental Clinic accepts a number of dental insurance plans. We work with insurance companies to help you find the coverage you need. We are happy to deal with the insurance companies so you don’t have to think about those issues. In addition, we will consult with you on how your insurance coverage works and what benefits you can expect from your insurance plan.

Finance Options

Often, patients come to us without dental insurance or their insurance doesn’t cover all procedures. To help those who come to us without insurance, we accept CareCredit as a way to finance your dental procedures. With CareCredit, you can have the best dental care you need without having to avoid because of a lack of funds. CareCredit allows you to pay your bill slowly and on your time table.

CareCredit is a credit card for health-related items. You are able to use it for dentistry, cosmetic procedures, veterinary bills and medical places. It works like a credit card, meaning you get a monthly bill that must be paid, and you will be charged interest. The difference with CareCredit is that you must use it for health and nothing else.

Avalon Dental Clinic’s staff members say that no one should stop going to the dentist because they have no way to pay for it. They expect you to get the highest level of dental care possible, and that means that you shouldn’t put off critical dental procedures.

Visit us today for a free consultation and speak to one of our representatives. We perform a number of dental procedures and financing options make it even easier for you to undergo them. We also offer a first-time comprehensive exam for $100 off the retail price for new patients.

Schedule your appointment for those procedures now! Call 310-510-0322 to discuss your financing options with our staff members.