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Family Dentistry

Maintaining good oral health is a lifetime commitment for all the family members. Each family member deserves specialized care.

As a dentist, Dr. Justin Wright is also often the first line of defense in detecting other overall health issues through the effects on the mouth. This is why connecting and trusting the right dentist can make a big difference throughout a person’s life.

Dental Care for Children

Doing oral health right involves engaging children as early as possible. Instilling good oral hygiene habits, and maintaining a regular cleaning schedule with a trusted dentist are two of the most important things. What children learn about how to care for their teeth early on will dictate their oral health in the future.

The American Dental Association recommends that children have their first appointment with a dentist as early as one year, once baby teeth have started to grow or are in the mouth completely. This not only helps your family dentist develop an early history of care with your child, but it also helps develop a sense of trust between your child and his/her dentist. Establishing this relationship as early as possible is important because it teaches your child that getting regular dental care is a normal part of life. When they’re older, they won’t see these dental check-ups as a nuisance and will continue to make them a priority.

Dental Care for Pre-teens and Teens

Pre-teens and teens need continued reinforcement of good oral care and sometimes require specialized orthodontic treatments to establish and ensure the best possible function of their mouth. Some may be extremely concerned about appearances. It is also possible that by this time there are cavities, which need to be treated to maintain overall health in the mouth.

Pre-teens, teens and young adults are also often involved in activities that leave them at risk for injuries to the mouth or teeth. If a good relationship is established and maintained with a dentist in non-crisis times, it makes getting treatment in emergency situations a little less stressful when you already know the person treating you.

Dental Care for Adults and Seniors

As we age, many of the daily habits we engage in can damage our teeth and gums. Certain medications and medical conditions can result in worn down or broken teeth, and conditions like dry mouth, gum disease, gum recession, root canal infections, and even malnutrition from loss of teeth.

Seniors in particular face unique oral health challenges and require the right dentist to care for them.

Dr. Justin Wright at Just Wright Dental has the experience and expertise to care for all members of your family, from the youngest to the oldest. Our office is conveniently located at 465 W. 2nd Avenue Suite 125 Corsicana TX 7511. Call us at 903-872-8422 to book a consultation or your check-up today. Just Wright Dental is your partner in making sure your teeth last a lifetime.

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