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Meet The Wright Team

Our team at Just Wright Dental consists of friendly and experienced staff that will make you feel comfortable and cater to all your needs. Here are some of the faces you’d get to see when you visit Just Wright Dental in Corsicana, Texas.


Like her name implies, Hope gives people without hope the ability to obtain dental treatment they deserve. Because many of the patients have previously felt they couldn’t get treatment, she has shown them their options, which improve their lifestyle, self-esteem and overall health. Hope is able to provide clarity and financial help. She has spent 16 years in the dental industry. She loves her job, aims to please patients and is flexible in helping them discover how to get that important treatment.


LeaAnn has a knack for aesthetic temporization and an eye for color. She can explain things in a way everyone understands. She always carries a cheerful smile and a genuine concern for every patient she sees. LeaAnn is the best when coordinating details for patients. She graduated from Texas A&M University in Commerce with a bachelor of arts degree. She understands business value and is committed to making the team be as excellent as Dr. Wright requires. LeaAnn spent 14 years in dentistry and loves to learn more every day. She has a master of surgical assisting and pays careful attention to sedated patient’s vitals.


You don’t have to worry about insurance companies with Linda in the office. She spends her day daily fighting insurance companies for the money owed to patients. Linda knows how to speak the same language as insurance companies because she has been in dentistry for 39 years and have dealt with insurance coding, billing and submission. Besides battling insurance people, she makes coffee, providing a nice aroma to the office.


April has gone through rigorous demands and training with Dr. Wright. Because of her training, she is known by all that she wants to please patients and the staff. Beyond that, she wants to make sure she does her work correctly the first time, leading to efficiency in service. April is proud of her surgical skills, especially those dealing with implants. She is the one to explain the implant options to the patients. When Dr. Wright needs a specific implant or component, April has prepared for that option months ahead of time so the surgery presents no surprises. She is fluent in Spanish and eases the anxiety of international patients.


Rebecca is known in the office as the one with a sweet spirit and heart-warming smile. She has taken courses on implants and their restoration, which makes her a top-notch complex surgical assistant. She ensures that vitality measures are updated regularly and sterilized. She is seen helping the deeply sedated patients. Her speed is well-established when checking maging throughout the surgical procedure. With LeaAnn and April, she helps patients with logistics of medicines, laboratories and anything else necessary. She is on top of any problem.

Our Hygiene Team


Although hygienists can clean implants, Kathy cleans them correctly with the correct instruments. The dental office attributes its 99.7 percent success rate of implants to the care of Kathy and Cindy. Kathy has expanded her knowledge of hygiene skills to include implant hygiene skills. Because of her expertise and knowledge, she guarantees that implant failure rarely occurs. She has a quarter of a century in dentistry, which leads to successful implant longevity.


Cindy is the other half of the implant hygienist team at Just Wright Dental. She is comprehensive in what care she provides. She has a wealth of knowledge about total implant dentistry and implant hygiene. She is willing to share her expertise, but she is humble about her approach at the same time. She truly desires that your investment in implants be protected both in her services and your home care.


With more than 40 years of hygiene experience, Sylvia is the one you want as your hygienist. She is proud of the personalized care she gives to all her patients. She is so popular that people actually request sitting in her chair because of her thorough and gentle check-ups.

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