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Teeth Whitening

Sometimes, no amount of brushing or flossing can brighten your yellow teeth. You may be spending hours in front of the mirror scrubbing away with no results. But not to worry; you are not the only one in this situation. According to research conducted by The American Association of Orthodontists, 92% of patients request teeth whitening when they visit their dentist.

It is a very simple procedure that can give you whiter teeth. Dr. Justin Wright has ample experience in teeth whitening and will help you get your white and bright smile back.

Before you decide whether you need teeth whitening or not, you will first want to find out why or how your teeth lost their color. We address both these questions in the next section.

Why Do Teeth Discolor?

Though there are many reasons why your teeth may have started to turn yellow, brown or even black, here are a couple of common causes:

  • Drinking coffee, tea, cola and wine without brushing and flossing afterwards. These drinks have pigments called chromogens in them which attach to the enamel of your tooth and change the color.
  • Smoking or using tobacco products in general is the another common reason why teeth turn yellow and brown. The tar and nicotine chemicals found in tobacco mix with oxygen and lead to discoloration of teeth. So, if you want a healthier looking smile, it’s better to avoid, reduce or quit smoking.
  • Certain medications have side effects which cause tooth darkening. A few of these medicines include antihistamines, high blood pressure medication and antipsychotics. Moreover, you are prone to have darker teeth if you have taken antibiotics like tetracycline in your childhood or use asthma medications.
  • Poor dental hygiene is also one of the major causes of yellow teeth. Insufficient, irregular brushing habits, combined with brushing too hard, not flossing, not drinking enough water, and eating high-acid or carbohydrate food can result in yellowish-looking teeth.

What Can Dr. Wright Do?

Every patient that comes in to Just Wright Dental is special. We make it our business to provide the best dental treatment possible for your particular situation. Dr. Wight looks at each of his patients who want teeth whitening and develops a treatment specific to each patient. His experience and knowledge will ensure that you get the smile you’re looking for while protecting your gums.

Can I Use At-home Whitening?

You can find many at-home bleaching kits and even toothpastes which claim to brighten your smile. However, a skilled and experienced dentist knows the proper application and techniques and can even provide results faster and which last longer. Though these store-bought gels and strips contain peroxide, the whitening effect compared to Dr. Wright’s in-office whitening treatment is very limited and may not be very effective at changing the color of discolored teeth.

During your consultation at Just Wright Dental, Dr. Wright will explain the entire teeth whitening procedure to you including how we can get your teeth 6-7 shades lighter.

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