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Our Philosophy – The Wright Way

Unlike other dental offices, we use a five-step approach to dental care to give our patients in Corsicana, Texas, high-quality service and treatment. We want you comfortable in our friendly environment. We do what we have to do to make sure you are not confused or scared throughout the process. We take you on a journey to a healthier smile.

Step 1: Discovery

We make sure we tell our patients that if they take care of the little problems, they won’t become big problems, and their dental experience will be better. We thoroughly evaluate your oral health in the discovery phase to uncover problems or potential future problems with your gums, teeth, smile, bite or jaw. We get to know you and your issues. Our patients are our friends. We don’t treat strangers. We decide whether to continue the relationship. Our services are not right for everyone, and we make sure we only treat patients that can actually benefit from our services. Dr. Justin Wright firmly believes in treating each individual’s soul, not just their mouth. He often says, “Once you forget that you are treating individual souls, the joy in dentistry will be quickly lost.” We discover the souls in our first phase.

We want to determine WHY teeth are breaking down, not just HOW to patch a problem so that the patient can continue to hobble through life. That’s why the next phases of our dental care philosophy are unique in dentistry and continues to set us and our patients apart from what is found in other offices.

Step 2: Planning

Dr. Wright figures out how to eradicate disease, restore teeth, put in implants when necessary, create a pleasing outcome and develop a personalized cleaning schedule. The 3-D image that is taken administers the lowest effective radiation dose possible to each patient at a dosage equivalent to standing in the sun for 15 minutes. This 3-D image allows Dr. Wright to find problems that most dentists are unable to detect with traditional X-rays. The result is a comprehensive treatment plan that is then fully reviewed by Dr. Wright who discusses it with patients prior to beginning treatment.

If your tooth can not be saved, Just Wright Dental will not perform Root Canal Therapy. A traditional root canal involves hollowing out the tooth canal and injecting liquid bleach and the same material that makes up the inside of a golf ball. Other medical professionals do not leave a dead or dying body part in the body, which is essentially what a root canal does. We don’t believe it should be done in dentistry. Instead, Dr. Wright places dental implants. Dr. Wright’s implants are highly integrative with the body and do not leave bacteria in the bone to attack your body for years.

Step 3: Destruction

We remove diseases from the gums and the teeth. If a disease has reached the root of a tooth, we begin removal and implantation (and our patients will always have teeth even during the healing process if they desire). After we have completely rid the teeth and gums of all traces of disease, we care for the remaining healthy teeth using Dr. Wright’s proven treatment methods.

We don’t leave any infection in the mouth. This gives our patient’s immune system the strength to take care of other illnesses and problems in the body. Some people will ignore oral abscesses. If they had one on their arms or knees, they would have sought treatment immediately. Complete elimination of long-standing infection that has been poisoning the patient for years changes our patients’ lives.

Healthy gums and teeth treated Dr. Wright’s way are essential for total body health. Dr. Wright believes chronic inflammation is slowly destroying overall health. Patients who embrace Dr. Wright’s discipline regularly experience healthier blood pressures, cholesterol levels, energy improvement and can wean themselves off medicines that are both expensive and take an additional toll on their bodies.

Step 4: Renewal

When the oral cavity is clean, our team members make temporary teeth until the lab produces restorations. After completing the final restorations, we resterilize the oral cavity and seal teeth with special primers and resins. We keep the environment clean and dry to ensure no inflammation or saliva contaminates the mouth so that the final result is a fit of the highest of quality.

Because we feel our patients are better served by joining their fabricated teeth to their own sterile teeth via world-class bonding, we seldom cement final teeth/restoration. We bond your final restored teeth with antibacterial resins that attach the tooth structure to the new tooth restoration whether it be a crown, onlay, inlay or veneer. We use resin bonding that is minimally soluble in saliva over time — a great advantage over traditional permanent cements that are most commonly used in many other dental practices. Because traditional bonding materials are water soluble, we have to replace them many years later. When a crown begins to leak, billions of bacteria creep under it creating an environment ripe for infection. When Dr. Wright uses implants, he provides cement-free implant crowns. He has been successful with his proven method. People have been free of infection in the rest of the body.

Quality Interjection: We do NOT fabricate restorations using the limited in-office CAD or computer milling, often referred to as ‘same-day crown’. We believe all of our patients deserve the high-quality results that can be achieved only through collaborating with a master laboratory technician to obtain the best in function, color, shape and fit.

Step 5: Total Renewal

Many issues cause dental problems. Smoking leads to chronic infection of the gums, which can cause teeth to fall out. Chemotherapy and radiation destroy salivary flow, which, in turn, ruins a beautiful smile. Experimentation with drugs in one’s younger years can obliterate enamel in its entirety. Of 300 million Americans, more than 50 million have a genetic trait that leads to poor oral health. We cannot change the genes that we were given.

After planning, we modify the disease destruction to conform to this phase. If you find yourself needing dentures or some type of implant denture, we highly recommend you visit Dr. Wright first as he has developed a far superior solution. Dr. Wright removes the compromised teeth, replaces a full set of teeth and puts the patient into a healing phase all in just one day. Call us at 903-872-8422 today to make an appointment and learn how your life can change for the better when you discover the Wright Way!

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